Friday, August 18, 2017

Long Sleeve Button Shirt

Hello, lovelies! It's the weekend. What are your plans? The weather seems like it's going to be a rainy weekend. A long sleeve button shirt would be perfect to wear for a weekend out with my family. It will keep me a bit warm however if the weather gets cold. Have you checked some button shirts from Zaful yet especially those long sleeves? I love wearing long sleeves when needed because I can opt to wear it long or I can roll the sleeves up for a more casual look. Below are just a few picks:





Guess what? Zaful is having a big promotion - Back To School, Back To Savings! Get a chance to win free clothes for you and your best friend. Link HERE.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

ROSEGAL Review: Pastel Pink & Blue Leather Bags

Hello, lovelies! Can you guess what I ordered recently from ROSEGAL? I've been watching their genuine leather bags collection and I'm crazy to get all of them but of course, I can't buy all or else I'll go bankrupt. Lol! You must probably have an idea now. Yes, I ordered another genuine leather bag. This time I got this semi bucket bag in pastel blue & pink. 

This pastel blue & pink leather crossbody bag is love at first sight. It's kind of a semi-bucket bag when you look at it but it's not. The pastel blue strap is adjustable; you can tighten and loosen it by pulling without hassle. It is genuine leather. It has a lining inside similar to suede but the texture is flat. There is one side pocket inside. It comes with detachable pastel blue strap which I didn't include here but it is exactly the same strap as the one in photos. The size is medium, so it is perfect for my mini make up kit and other small stuff. The quality of the leather is great! 

ZAFUL Review: Gorgeous Kimono Blazer

Hello, lovelies! The kimono trend has got me feeling like I just woke up but totally dolled up and prepared before I got out of bed. I love the materials used; mostly light weight and glides onto skin smoothly. That's why I can't resist the kimonos I found from ZAFUL. They have a great selection and really chic kimonos. Today's kimono style post is the third kimono I owned and guess who's having not enough of it. I will definitely order more if I feel like it. Just click the link below or click the photo above to see more photos and outfit details.

ROSEGAL Review: Beaded Pointed Toe Flats

Hello, lovelies! I vividly remember the time when I prioritized flat shoes over high heels. That was when I realized that I'm old and I can't stand wearing high heels and that was only yesterday. Lol! Kidding aside, choosing comfort above every thing else is a sign of aging. Haha! Anyway, who wouldn't love wearing flats especially when it is not only a pointed one but with embellishment like this one I got from ROSEGAL. I think it would be also great to wear this flats with this sheer prom dress. What do you think? Just click the link below or click the photo above to see more photos and outfit details.

This buckle strap beaded pointed toe flats is so lovely in person. I love pointed toe flats because it's classic style. The beads embellishment added glam to this pair. It's a solid color pair but the straps and beads made it stand out. I love how the straps being styled as criss-cross. The quality is great! The sole is well-cushioned. With regards to the size, it isn't really true as I've ordered size 40 (8.5 US) but the length of it is not enough to the length of my foot. If there's size 41, it would be perfect I think. If you're a size 8 US, better order size 40. There's no problem with the girth; my foot is comfortable with it. It never gets tight and I love it!  Overall, it's a good purchase. Just mind the size, though. See more flats here.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

ROSEGAL Review: Yet Another Denim Outfit

Hello, lovelies! I'm quite excited to share with you this latest style post. You probably know already that I'm a sucker for anything denim. I have a growing collection and I have no plans of stopping. I think my love affair with denim especially denim romper will be forever. That is the main reason of this excitement - wearing denim again. The second reason is you'll see a change of backdrop from my usual roof deck and Makati skyline view. Anyway, today's post is featuring ROSEGAL. Just click the link below or click the photo above to see more photos and outfit details.

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