Thursday, May 17, 2018

Hair Weave

I went home to the province to spend Mother's Day at Mom's. All my siblings with their spouses were there except for my second oldest sister. She wasn't able to make it home due to a busy schedule with her clients. We had catch a lot of chit chats. A family bonding is truly a great way to make the ties stronger and make the relationship harmonious. So, every time the topic is about another country (coz we have plans of family getaways but this time, it will be an out-of-the-country trip), we always end up discussing how are we here living in the tropical country when we can actually live in a cold country like Scotland? Yes, I specifically said Scotland because my great grandfather is a Scottish. Anyway, every time we talked about our great grandfather and my grandmother, my mind wonders and imagine myself with blonde locks like this hair weave. We didn't get a foreign features like a white skin, high and slim nose, blonde or light hairs, or even height. But my Mom does get the features though. It's just that we inherit my Dad's genes almost 99% of genuine Filipino. That's why. Lol. Back to blonde locks or light hair that I have imagined myself (in case I inherited more of my great-grandfather blood), I would imagine Kim Kardashian look at below photo. 

This Brazilian hair is so gorgeous it hurts to think not to try even once in my life. I think this is one of the reasons why I am so fascinated with blonde locks. Every time I saw a girl with light hair, I secretly get envious. Sometimes I wished I had gotten some foreign feature like even just having a light hair. Haha! I can actually dye my hair to light color if I want to but for some work restrictions, I just cannot do it. The lighter I've got is the natural light brown hair. Actually, it's not even considered a light hair. 

Good thing there are really gorgeous and human hair weave from rebeccafashion to turn to as an alternative. I mean with this hair weave, you can go light hair, may it be straight, wavy, curly or kinky hair, depending on the situation or your mood. Right? I always think of wearing a hair weave into an event or times that needed an extra appeal. What do you think?


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Frontal Human Hair Bob Wig

I am a late bloomer. I started really getting conscious of my appearance when I graduated high school and when I entered college. During my high school years, I never cared about hairstyles and outfits. It's because I studied in a school exclusively for girls. When I entered college, that was the time I started to care about my hair and started learning to apply light makeup because I had a crush on my professor, but not only him, there were quite a few cute guys in the university that I had a crush on. I remember when hair rebonding get on trend, I gave it a try. I sported a bob with bangs like this Lace Frontal Human Hair Bob Wig that I spotted online. These bob wigs remind me exactly of my look in college. I get excited to see these bob wigs especially that it comes in a dark color and a blonde with bangs. I've always wanted to sport a blonde hairdo. 


This reminds me of Tyra Banks. This straight bob is one of my favorite hairstyles of Tyra. It's so sleek and edgy yet sophisticated. She never fails to amaze me with her hairstyles. Then, comes the ombre trend. Honestly, ombre hair doesn't appeal much to me in the beginning because I don't like the distribution of the hair color. I'd rather choose highlights over ombre even the world go for ombre. But then one time, I bumped into my classmate and she was sporting an ombre hair. I was secretly amazed at her hair and I appreciated the beauty of ombre. It makes me a fan instantly of ombre hairstyle. That's why the Ombre Brazilian Human Hair Straight I happen to found online have brought me to ombre haven all of a sudden. 


The ombre hair of Tyra Banks looks gorgeous and it gives an instant sophistication. This is what I really want to achieve if I do my hair but I just can't. Well, if you'll let me dream on, I will probably want to sport as my every day look a kink hair. I don't know but I'm fascinated with this Afro Kinky Bulk Braid Hair like of Beyonce. Gosh! I love this woman and I love her hair so much. Isn't she a look gorgeous in the photo? I know, it's always the hair. :)


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Brazilian Hair

I still can't get over of the 2018 Met Gala Looks. Wow! The looks are all dreamy, astonishing and so grand. I've always been looking forward to this every year and it never fails to let me in getting awed.  My jaw always dropped for every photo of the 2018 Met Gala I found online. Who are your top favorites? When it comes to outfitting, I love all of them. How about you? But when it comes to hairstyle, I have few to share that really makes my heart skip a beat the moment I saw it. The hair of Kerry Washington was effortlessly styled up and I'm so envious. That reminds me of the kinky curls of this Brazilian hair from the online store that I frequent. 

Kerry's looks surely stole all the eyes with her hair. She looks exceptionally beautiful! That tiny gold hair accessory is just right for that minimalist gold outfit. I don't know but I really find Kerry's beauty popping from the crowd. Ever since I watch her TV series, Scandal, I got addicted to this girl. So, I guess I'm gonna wear kinky curl hair weave sooner than I think. Another girl that stole my heart was Katie Holmes. Isn't she looks so beautiful in her long straight hair? This reminds me again of the HAIR BUNDLE WITH CLOSURE from rebeccafashion. Look at Kate? Look at how simply dazzles with her outfit. Ahhh... Her long straight hair was perfect! I'm always a fan of this girl since Dawson's Creek and now I'm a fan of her daughter, Suri, too! 

Alright. Last but not least, Kim Kardashian. She looks like a goddess. I love her overall look. Sticking to gold is a good idea, always. Well, I fall onto warm tones, so I love gold, really. Kim sported a gold outfit and that makes me love her even more. Gold can tend to be overwhelming if it's too much but Kim pulled it off (as always) by wearing two tiny gold chains with cross pendants and nothing more and her hair high-up ponytail. Her long straight hair looks perfectly cascading at her sexy back. Kim always looks mesmerizing every time. Could this girl be any more gorgeous? I've been following Kim since I don't even remember and every time she has new hair, it looks perfect on her. Don't forget to check out rebeccafashion if you want to sport Met Gala hairstyles. I'm sure you'll never regret visiting this store. 


Gold Clutch

A girl cannot have enough of bags. Even though I made this mantra:"I've already had enough bags", still my heart melts every time I saw one that makes my heart skip a beat. I have many tote bags and an office bags, and small sizes crossbody bags. I have a few clutch evening bags which I used again and again for formal events and weddings. The good thing about the clutch bag is that it can be an elegant accessory for your outfit without overdoing it. You just have to choose the right one. Personally, I fall into warm tones so my favorite accessory is gold. Check out the Gold Clutch I found online. 

Did your heart melt with the gorgeous clutch evening bags I mentioned above? Ohh. They are so beautiful it hurts not to have one. I found these gold clutch bags from baginning and I was in a bag haven for the time I was browsing their products. So, the above five gold clutch bags are just a few of the gorgeous pieces I found. Well, this is my top 5. If you have something in mind that you've been looking for in a long time, you might find it from baginning. Go check it out. Their crossbody bags are just so trendy. I am eyeing a few to hit my shopping cart already. I think I have a new online store to frequent in my free time. 


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Hair Bundle With Closure

I am a late bloomer. It is no wonder because I got my period at age 16 (nearly turning 17 that time) and prettifying myself just kicked in when I was 18. The first thing I got conscious about was my face and second was my hair. I hate it when my hair has fly aways at the back, so I always have my hairbrush in my bag whenever I go out. I can tame my hair anytime, anywhere; that's how conscious I was before. I have always had a shoulder-length hair before because my hair is naturally thick and frizzy, so growing it longer would always be a hesitation for me to do so because I always thought it will look thicker and more frizzy than usual. I have been dreaming of a shiny, thin and long hair before especially that Tyra Banks is one of my favorite runway models; I just can't help but adore her Brazilian hair

I found a wide selection of Brazilian hair from and you will be amazed at how this hair weaves looks like a natural one. They all look so amazing and it's hard to tell, really. You've got to check it out for yourself if you are on the hunt for something gorgeous looking hair weaves with a very reasonable price. You'd be thankful you stumbled on my blog. Below is the one I like that is similar to Tyra's shiny, straight, long hair. Check this out: 

Since I am talking about Tyra, I have seen one of her photos online sporting a semi-ombre hair. I find it attractive and she looks gorgeous in it. So I have thought of sharing this one because I am also thinking of trying ombre hair but I just can't decide on it. It's because of my work restriction, so I'd better share it to you instead. I found this body wave human hair from the HAIR BUNDLE WITH CLOSURE page of rebeccafashion and it's a bomb. Just look at those gorgeous hair strands; it is kind of loud in a sexy way. Right? If there is an available for men in ombre ash or wine, I would definitely get one for my husband. He is also considering this ombre trend. I was thinking of ordering one for him and I would just have it trimmed according to his liking. Yes, I guess I would do that. Oh, my husband has a long hair ever since I met him.


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